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Technical Wiring Services

Technical Wiring Solutions

Tracing wires thru old buildings and renovations, common for business start-ups and relocations, can become a real tough challenging nightmare. It’s not uncommon to see equipment wires draped and hanging behind counters, mostly due to typical (unprofessional) professionals and/or DIY wiring. When it comes to physically connecting systems such as telephones, networks and sometimes even electrical circuits, many well versed techs shy away from wire jams and prefer to work around gluts. This for laymen, becomes next to impossible and compounds the problem by having third-party installations done on top of old prior installs. Thus the structures wiring builds-up to a point where its seriously difficult to manage, troubleshoot and repair.

Wire Dressing & Installation Services

  • Telephone - As you well know, the telephone companies "modus operandi" has changed considerably in the past few years. These companies encourage businesses to upgrade to Internet telephone services. But for telephones we recommend land lines, because during Natural Emergencies, Internet or Power outages, these become stable lifelines for your business and will function as back-up channel for your credit card transactions. In our opinion, the Internet is frequently unstable, (dropped calls, access outages, etc.). As for Internet service, we need it for fast business operations such as credit card processing and website order taking, emails etc. (mostly available about 90% of the time). In our experience, most venue's building wiring, we find a few working circuits and a lot of dead circuits. We also find most data closets in disarray (wild wire spaghetti). When it comes to troubleshooting problems, well, you'll find you have even bigger problems than you thought existed and possibly generate a few new ones trying to fix things. We can help by cleaning-out and converting these spaghetti piles into comprehensive and efficient structures. We can also tap your telephone landline from the source and install one or more phones wherever you like. Let's clear-up your situation, give us a call today! 
  • Networks - Infrastructure Installations and Recertification. Whether you need troubleshooting, system expansions, rewiring or wire dressing, we do it all. We are also capable of generating a technical reference schematic diagram of your network for your records. Once the clutter is cleaned up, we offer maintenance services to help lessen the chances of technical problems in the future. We help clean up your act!
  • Video Security - Video Security Systems Installation and Maintenance. From small to large system installations, using your components or ours. We troubleshoot and restore your existing system or install new stuff if needed. Once your system is installed you can access it from any authorized internet computer browser or smart phone. This Security System is fully programmable and issues a 15 second email video clip upon intrusion of protected Alarm zones, derectly to your smart phone. Triggering zones, emails evidence to Management and/or to higher Authorities etc. A Hi-tech security system can lower your business insurance costs as well. Contact us for a Free Evaluation. Over 30 Years’ Experience. New and Custom Installs are always welcomed. Stealthy stuff too.
  • Low Voltage Systems - 12, 24, and 48 Volt AC and DC circuits are used with many devices that we currently use with electronic products. These are usually implemented as embedded AC adapters, Central power supplies, for Auxiliary components like Doorbells, Address number light boxes, Cabinet lighting, Electric door latches, Exit signs, Sprinkler systems, Wired paging systems, thermostats, process controllers, sensors & other common electrical and electronic hardware. We handle this stuff. No problem. 
  • Video/Audio/Stage - Commercial Sound, Professional Audio, Sound Distribution, Sound Stage, P.A./Intercom, RF antenna systems and RF broadcast signal distribution wiring services. Wire dressing is very important for the proper care and maintenance of signal cables. This fact is largely ignored by even journeymen and the proof is in their handiwork, and it’s all around you. Clean wire dressing is even more important to new technologies, considering that they need be reliable, solid quality signals for Efficiency. Contact us for an estimate of just what it will take to clean up noisy problems. 
  • Distributed Sound Systems - Distributed sound is broadcasting music throughout a venue. The standard format for these signals is 70 Volts and can connect a large number of speakers, typically installed in ceilings and in some cases operate 24 hours a day. This is a mature technology and is in widespread use throughout the world. Even though these are super reliable systems, these sometimes fall into disarray and need maintenance on old frail cables or corroded shorted wires, dead speakers etc. We troubleshoot and replace offending cabling, plus can produce schematic diagrams of your sound system for your records. 
  • Technical Support - Call us for an evaluation and estimate. We specify & install telephone wire, bell wire, speaker wire, network cable, audio cable, RF coaxial cable and more. If you need wire or need questions answered, please contact us, we’ve got you covered!