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If you want people to engage with your brand and improve the performance of your Sales and Service campaigns, you have to speed things up. We offer a way for you to give users a faster experience everywhere -- on ads, landing pages and your entire website. Conversions fall by 12% for every extra second a webpage takes to load, and this could mean lost sales. Let us help you establish or enhance your Internet presence today!

Website Services

  •  Website Design - Our web page designs are colorful, well laid out and content rich. We design websites with commerce in mind. To properly propagate through the Internet, a website must meet all established marketing requirements in order to effectively compete in the Internet market place. Our designed-in optimization will assure that your business's facts are always accurate on Search Engines and third-party Public Search Websites. Help your business score High on the internet. Contact us for an interview and free estimate for Developing your Website or boosting your exsisting on-line presence.
  • Website Development - Website development is the most involved and time-consuming function of the website building process and involves creating, coding webpages, programming site functions and features, as well as Hosting account set-ups and Site Server up-loads etc. SEO and Pay Portals are also implemented at this time. 
  • Website Hosting - DarxMedia Hosting Services helps you consolidate all Internet website services into one portal. In this way you can contain these services under one account for extrapolation and perceptive alignment purposes. We make it easier and smoother for your business to advance while we do all the heavy work. Click for Hosting.
  • Website Security - Web security is one of the most important things for most all businesses with websites, especially those in e-commerce. We offer website security through Private Registration Services and SSL certification requiered for secure e-mail and monetary transactions. HIPAA compliancy is also avalable if required.
  • On-line Pay Portal - Pay portals are an easy way for you to sell and receive monies through your website. There are various underwriters to accomplish this including: PayPal, Slide Apps and Credit Card Merchant accounts. Now you can take payments from clients when they have the means and in a convenient method. Click Merchant page.
  • Email Services - Our business email services are public orientated and marketing focused. An email campaign can attract many ready buyers as well as generate future clients. Monthly emailing’s of attractive products and services, or forgotten shopping cart reminders, will benefit your business by targeting preferred customers. This will reward both; your customers and your business alike. For HIPAA email compliance check below.
  • Fax Thru Email - Fax Thru Email provides you with your own fax number and enables you to send fax messages directly from your computer using our interface or your own email system. On the receiving end, Fax Thru Email processes and routes all incoming fax messages to your dedicated Fax Thru Email address. When sending a Fax thru Email, you can select your venues custom fax cover sheet(s) through the application itself. Only out-going Fax documents incur a credit. No fee for in-coming Faxes.
  • HIPAA Compliance - HIPAA is an acronym for “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act”. The HIPAA Privacy Rule is a regulation within HIPAA, pertaining to Protected Health information (PHI). The Rule is intended to protect and enhance the rights of Individuals document processing such as: Financial and medical documents. This means that clients’ information pertaining to privacy is honored and protected through a secure data format, connecting authorized select agencies. We do HIPAA!