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Electronic Systems Maintenance & Repair

Electronic Equipment Repair

Servicing Electronic Equipment for more than 30 years, we have truly mastered the science and will take good care of your gear.

Our Professional Technicians can service just about everything electronic. We repair to component level and only use genuine quality parts. We also do custom electronic device design and produce prototypes to compliment your business ideas and adaptations. We love building things. Contact us for details.   

We feature EMSISOFT Anti-Virus/Ransomware tool. More info.

Electronics Repairs & Installations

  • Computer Equipment - One of our Techs has Serviced Computers Since 1983. That’s when IBM started producing the Personal Computer. We’ve been involved with CPU's, Memory chips, Disk drives, Peripherals, Upgrades, as well as all O/S software versions and countless software applications. We’ve also dealt with just about every problem and virus that’s out there. Over the years, we've repaired thousands of systems for hundreds of Businesses, Professionals and Individuals. We are the Pro’s Pro. Let us rescue your system on your next computer apocalypse. Knowledge is King, Save some Money.  
  • Home Theater  - We love doing Home Theaters! That’s where we can best express our creativity and really show-off some skills and talents. From small to large rooms, we design, specify, procure and install electronic components and wire dress according to your specifications. Need Custom Lighting for your Home Theater? Check-this-out.
  • Video Equipment. We have been involved with video equipment for quite a while now. We’ve serviced Video broadcast studios, A.B. editing studios, Video distribution systems, Video presentation arrays and Distributed Video security. We service TV's, Display monitors, Time-base correctors, Editors, Broadcast video tape recorders, Cameras, DVR’s and perform routine maintenance on the same. Smile your on TV!
  • Audio Equipment. Do you need repairs on your audio equipment? Well you’ll be glad to know that we service most all audio gear. Specializing in Pro Audio, we also service Stereo Components, Vintage Equipment, Tube Amplifiers, Guitar Amplifiers, Theater Organ, Electronic Musical Instruments & Keyboards and all types of Speakers. Cool.
  • LED Retrofitting - If you need any of your lighting fixtures re-lamped, we suggest: LED retrofitting for your fixtures. LED technology is a new lighting system that we can now integrate into your favorite fixtures. Be it a favorite desk lamp, countertop lighting, cabinet interior lighting, common fluorescent fixtures, shop fluorescent fixtures, and outdoor area flood lighting. Oh yeah . . . you get to save a bunch of money too. 
  • Technical Support - And of course we will support you with technical issues and problems concerning all your electronics devices and installations. We troubleshoot and repair at the component level, only use quality genuine certified new parts and modules.
  • Commitment - "You can count on our Professional Service & Quality Workmanship".