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Business Lighting Services

LED Lighting Systems & Services 

Light up your business with State-of-the-Art LED lighting and lower your business power and cooling costs using the new Affordable Energy Efficient LED Lighting Technology.

Energy Conservation Systems are quickly becoming very popular considering all the positive features provided. One of the most important is your Lighting Systems. Most Power Company’s require all business types to convert to this energy saving practice. Along with cutting costs, LED's generated very little heat (if any), adding enhanced safety from fire hazards.  

LED Lighting Services

  • New Fixtures - Whether you run a Warehouse or Grocery Store, do Automotive Servicing or Sell Furniture, you can benefit by showcasing your venue and products with outstanding ambient lighting which is highly economical, compared to legacy lighting systems and associated components, (i.e. ballasts, hazardous and dated parts etc.). Along with great efficiency you get the benefit of related energy savings by way of eliminating residual heat and EMI electronic noise from conventional florescent and incandescent fixtures, plus reduce lighting maintenance tasks to a crawl!
  • Fixture Retrofits - Get your existing lighting fixtures upgraded and save your company lots of $$. Having your existing lighting fixtures retro fitted will save you a big chunk of cash. Incandecent, Florescent, Sodium, Metal Halide or just about any fixture can benifit from retrofiting. Contact us for a free estimate and any questions you may have. Wow.
  • Custom lighting – We do custom interior and exterior LED lighting for Business and Residence. Light attracts the eye to focus on targeted objects, either from a distance or close up; you can always get someone to notice what you’ve lit up. This includes your storefront, product sales cabinets, back wall color washes, bar shelf's & liquor cabinets, and featured product areas etc. or just about anything else you want your customers to focus on. Give us a call so we can chat and brainstorm about your project lighting ideas. 
  • Home Theater Lighting - Cozy Home Theater Lighting featuring: Effects, Auto-dimming, Mood settings and more. Studio or Stage Style Sceneries and Themes or Custom Designed Ambiance Systems. From Flashy Hollywood to Conservative Theater Themes, or we can assist you all of the way with your own ideas and creations, if you like. 
  • Outdoor Signage - Look around and you’ll see that a lighted outdoor sign makes a business really stand out. It’s literally a landmark and reflects business character. But you will also see many outdoor signs which are in disrepair; dead, half lit, letters missing etc. and we estimate that about half the Outdoor signs you see in most localities are just not acceptable and reflect possible subpar services. We also retrofit outdoor signage with LED technology and to make these works a great value; we will rewire your sign's electrical circuits, remove all ballasts and dead wires, and then implement the lighting devices with the proper heat sinking. Lighting retrofits are designed for longevity and reliability as well as be aesthetically pleasing. Maybe an outdoor video sign? Great!
  • Area Lighting - Outdoor area lighting is really appreciated by all customers because it gives them the sense of security and takes the fear factor out of the shopping equation. Complementery parking lots are a courtesy you provide your customers and should be clean and well lit at night, as it also reflects your business’s character. Area flood lighting are other special type of fixtures that we can retrofit, by replacing Metal Halide and Sodium Mercury Vapor lamps; you get a better quality of light with brighter results and remarkably lower power consumption. We stock a variety of wattages to select from, plus you can choose from either: White, Warm white, Cool white or Amber floods. Colors too.
  • Infra-Red Security Lighting - Security Systems depend on correct illumination in order to properly capture legible video. Regular standard lighting can help, but for well defined video, special Extended I.R. Lighting is required . This nearly invisible Light Technology is the preferred method for Video Security Camera Systems through out the world. We will evaluate a venue's video installation, specify, acquire and install proper I.R. illuminators.
  •  LED Grow Lights - LED grow lamps are a game changer for indoor and greenhouse horticulture. Compact and lightweight yet producing more light than much larger LED grow lights; can replace a 600 watt HPS systems. This amazing revolutionary LED lighting technology creates a new gold standard for seed starting and indoor gardening. You'll be amazed at how well your plants grow as they bask in the glow of NASA specified photon frequencies that meet the exacting light spectrum requirements of plants, stimulating stronger root growth and enhanced photosynthesis. Potent enough for vegies and many blooming type plants. A special Switch will spike the blue light level at plant blooming stage, to help promote flowering and for inspection and viewing. Select from: 40W, 60W, 80W or 120Watts fixtures. Dimensions = 24"x48"x2.5". Link fixtures together in series to cover any size grow area. We also retro fit Grow lite engines onto any adaptable fixtures. Cut energy use plus eliminate excesive heat and bulky gear. Wow! See Catalog.