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Background Music Services

Business Background Music Systems

Back Ground Music (BGM) Systems are the de-facto standard requirement for most all business types. It's a proven fact that the public in general spends more time shopping in environments porting motivational music and well lighted spaces. Then there are many very popular restaurants that require romantic music and custom soft lighting to attain their style, etc. Nevertheless music is a primary mood enhancer and is expected by most all customers frequenting Cafes, Dinners and Retail Market spaces.

Imagine your choice of Themed Music playing at your venue, along with periotic announcements proudly announcing featured Products and Specials or featured Food Dishes etc. Promotional Messages and Local Ad’s will certainly turn heads and keep your customers informed of your on-going Sale, Promotions, Policies, Events and common Courtesies. Let's get ahead of the curve by   increasing your venues promotional sales potential. Listen Now!  This is Private Broadcasting and definitely "Not Internet Radio"!

BGM Details

  • BGM Equipment - The equipment required to implement background music at your venue depends on the area you consider for sound coverage. A small diner may only require one music source, one amplifier and a few speakers. A department store may require several different sources, power amplifiers and an array of speakers in multiple zones. The source is the programmed audio signal that will be distributed over a designated broadcast zone. Ceiling speakers are pretty much standard for BMS installations but subwoofers and custom satellite speakers are also used in Hi-Fi locations, i.e. Bar Lounges, Show Rooms, Five Star Restaurants, etc. Typical systems use 70 V signals. See Catalog.
  • Musical Themes  - We can provide popular musical themes for your Venue or whatever music, management sees fit. From classical music to just about any genre available or you can mix it up by having different types of music for different seasons or even at different times of the day. You decide. 
  • Announcement Program - Customers in your store are a captive audience, and you should take advantage of that fact. For one: Good motivational music is always enjoyed by most all. For two: announcements inserted in-between music tracks, promote your services and products as well as deliver common courtesies, reinforcing your brand. The announcement pauses are typically approximately 10 to 25 seconds and can be timed according to your Campaign requirements and scheduled Ad programming. Moreover, our domestic announcements are professional, high-quality, in good taste and direct. Our optional Ad-Packs are limited to sponsors that will not directly compete or up-stage your campaigns, yet suitable as Business Networking partners. Extend this data into your Website for additional External Linking. This is good for your website! We recommend it!
  • Opportunities - You should also consider that you can well advertise third-party announcements and capitalize the service. We offer a prepackaged program prepared of advertising announcements to be deployed on your BGM system along with your promotions. By announcing Business Colleagues, Special Events and/or Business cards and Special mentions, you can help to promote your local business community as well as provide social networking for local businesses and thier clients. These participents can also be linked to your website and help with back links to your business. Recommended! 
  • Recording Studio - We record original soundtracks in our own high-tech recording studio. Great sound quality is wholly important as well as clarity of message. All music tracks and speech tracks are leveled and optimized in separate EQ processes to seamlessly work together so that the music sounds great and speech is clear and intelligible, plus enjoy very low noise, no distortion and great bass response. If you need Ad's for radio broadcasts, or broadcast video voiceovers etc. Count on us for your messaging jobs. 
  • Maintenance - Once your BGM sound system is installed and your audio programming is set and running, we won’t abandon you. As a matter of fact, we’ll provide maintenance required by your system and will assist you with expansion and/or troubleshooting. We also do rush jobs and respond in one hour for local maintenance account clients. General service call response time is less then 4 hours. (12 hours max.) You can count on us!