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Enhance your Business by way of
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DarxMedia Inc.

Shape you're Future Business with Top Technology

Welcome to DarxMedia Inc.

We are a Consolidated  Business Services Agency. 

Providing assistance to Businesses since 2010, we have been promoting a Solid Technical Foundation that Local Businesses can depend on. Our Proficient Software Experts, Technologists and Technicians help develop solutions for your commercial endeavors and for advancing on what you envision for your business.

We Specialize in Publicizing Solutions which will allow your Business to vie head-on with your local competitors, proudly. We also offer Electronic Business Systems, Marketing Services and Technical Support tailored to meet your Venues needs. 

Improving your Business Stance and Image is paramount to your company's future success. Consolidating services under our Company will result in the fine-tuning of your Business Utilities, increase Inferastructure Operation Efficiency, improve Service Consistency and over all, improve the Harmony of your establishment. 

We embed High-Tech Electronic Systems with Business Marketing knowledge. Try Us!

  • VALUE - Besides our consulting and clerical tasks, we offer Business Systems Sales & Service, Equipment Maintenance and Electronic Hardware Repair. Our On-Site Equipment Evaluation and Optimization Program will assure you that your business requirements are met at every level and at the least cost. That’s one of our main goals!
  • ENGAGEMENTS - We specify as well as provide and install: Pro Sound, Pro Video, Networking systems, Video Surveillance, Wireless Systems, Point of Sale Systems, Home Theater Design, Background Music Systems and Repair Electronic Hardware. Read more.
  • FLEXIBILITY - Our services are seamlessly implemented and/or are merged with your existing processes, minimizing physical project impact on your Business. Just Ask us!
  • PROMOTION - Our Marketing Tools, Business Prospecting and On-line based Promotional Solutions include: Website Design/Development, Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Propagation, Email Marketing, Video Display Presentations, Graphic Design, Announcement Broadcasting and Electronic Ad Technologies, and more. Look & see.

DarxMedia Services

Shape up your Business Projects with Smart Systems .


Website Development & Promotion, Web Hosting, Email Services,  SEO Services, On-line Marketing & more.
Everything you needed for your new Professional Busines Website .

Merchant Card

Save your business some cash by signing up with us. We offer the best Credit card processing around. Are you being shortchanged? Let's see how much money we can save you!


Every business needs Marketing. But not all marketing is effective, usually because of a lack of understanding the process. Expand sales of your Products & Services. Let us help.


Business Gear and Commercial products are generally designed to last longer than consumer products. We can help you by specifying and providing your Business Equipment.

Wire Services

Business equipment such as POS Cash Registers, Sound Distribution, Intercoms, Phones, Video Security and Network systems are just some technologies requiring Wire Services.

BGM Music

Crowd Research & Marketing Studies show just how Background Music Systems can influence patrons by improving comfort zones  and stimulating consumer moods.

LED Lighting

Light up your business by renewing your existing lighting fixtures with State-of-the-Art LED lighting. Lower cooling and power costs by having us install energy efficient Lighting.

Repair Tech

We offer electronics repair service. We fix just about anything, including: Computers, Pro Video and Sound, Equipment, Guitar Amps, Keyboards, Display monitors and Televisions.

DarxMedia Software Services

Top Ranking Anti-Malware

Forget viruses - Today’s threats come in a variety of forms and are called Malware. Emsisoft does an excellent job  keeping your whole digital world perfectly safe. Lite software loading leaves your computer power where it belongs. With you. Local support too.

Effectively detecting all new threats before compromising your computer. This is computer security engineered to perfection. Complete secure PC protection that actually works. We never share data and don't betray our customers. The Ultimate Defense against all Internet malware threats, Emisisoft. We've got you covered.

Office 365 for Business 

Cloud-based Service - MS Office 365, brings together the best tools for work today. You can create and share anywhere on any device. Enjoy apps like Word, Access, Outlook and Excel, plus other powerful tools, including cloud services; OneDrive and MS Teams. We use it & love it.
Whether on the go or working in your office, use an already familiar productive set of tools, with exclusive features and built-in security. You can create, edit, and share your files everywhere, in sync and in real time. With Local Hands-on support, administrated by DarxMedia. No Learning Curve. 

MagicJack for Business

Take advantage, of the great phone features offerd by MagicJack for Business! Save hundreds of dollars per year on the perfect telephone system for your small business, from magicJack and DarxMedia. Make your important business calls from anywhere you like, at anytime.

Free VoIP desk phone with each line. Now you can take your desk phone with you too. Includes: MagicJack mobile application. Free conference calling service with full telephone features including; Virtual FAX thru Email and Call Assistant services. Totally Fully Affordable Telephone Service Solutions for your Business.

Stationary Kit & Business Logos

Look Profesional - Impress your clients by sporting your very own Business logos on your; Stationary, Invoices, Documents and Website. Cusomers tend to trust branded businesses before others. Autofill forms, help you deal with alot less paperwork and duplicate errors.

This is perfect for business - We Revamp, Update, Reformulate and Create New Autofill .pdf forms with exclusive features and added built-in security, including your venues logo. Smart Autofill forms, help you deal with a lot less paperwork and avoid duplicate errors. Functional forms ease labor. No Learning Curve. 

DarxMedia Essential Services

Support for Non-Profits

We are committed, to helping provide donated technology and software discounts to nonprofits in our local communities. We acquire, implement and securely administrate your software services. Every group is unique and require certain select Business tools. Save your money!

Nonprofit Offers. Featuring popular software applications for nonprofit business, we provide fully integrated solutions at a substantial savings for your company. Qualifying for a non-profit subsidy, will save on funds normally paid annually for Popular Business Software. We also offer other highly valued services. 

Business Start Up Services

Start your own Business - Many people consider starting a business to be part of the American dream. Owning your own business is an opportunity for you to build your own company based on how you want it to be, using your own ideas and your own vision.  Startup Kits availble.
Preparing for Business - To have the best chance for success, you need to plan and prepare, not just open your doors and fly by the seat of your pants. Before you sign a lease or commit funds to a startup venture, consult with us, We can help you get it right. Lets market your prospective Business, Products & Service. Cool. 

Business Credit Line Services

Do you own a small business? We all know that sometimes you need a little extra cash. Even the most successful small businesses experience slow sales, late invoice payments, urgent unplanned expenses, and short-term situations where cash flow is slow or uncertain.

In situations like these, access to some extra working capital can mean the difference between closing your business or surviving the tough times. When considering financing, business owners have an array of different options available to them. A business line of credit is one of the most popular choices. We Agree.

Incorporate your Business 

Save your self, and your assets by Incorporating your business. Whether you want to expand or just protect your business future. Realize tax advantages, give your business more credibility. These are just some of the benefits you’ll get after you incorporate or form an LLC.

Adding “LLC” or “Inc.”, to the end of a business name, protects all your personal assets. To the business owner, this means total security. DarxMedia Inc. works hands-on towards helping Small and Medium sized businesses get to where they need to go, while becoming Trusted and Successful Public Entities.

DarxMedia: Devoted to the Evolution of Small Business.

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