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Looking to buy Business Electronics can be a tricky process!

Electronics & Software

If you're looking to buy business electronics, it can be a tricky process. It's important to know which equipment will best fit your needs in terms of quality, comparability, capacities, installation, and programming procedures. Unfortunately, many businesses make the mistake of blindly purchasing devices recommended by advertising, pushy salespeople, or colleagues. As a result, they may end up with overrated, underrated, wrong, or unnecessary equipment.

But fear not! Whether you're in the market for computers, power sound systems, video display arrays, or any other type of business electronics, we can help. By working with us, we'll help you pinpoint exactly what you need without wasting your time or resources. So don't waste time spinning your hi-tech wheels, give us a call today.

Electronic Business Systems

At DarxMedia, we specialize in specifying products that are built to last. Unlike consumer products that are designed with planned obsolescence, our Commercial Business Systems are robust, reliable, and offer dependable functionality. With top-of-the-line specifications and good solid warranties, our products are built with good reliable longevity and solid construction in mind. For a quote on our dependable equipment, contact us today.

Looking for your next computer system? We've got you covered, whether you need a single workstation or a whole array. You can choose from brand-new units or trusty Factory Recertified Equipment, all at a great price. Our recertified systems and laptops are just as good as new ones, without the unnecessary promotional software, and come loaded with the latest O/S and applications, plus a one-year warranty. Let us help you find the perfect computer system today.

"Transform your venue or business with our decades of experience in video display systems. From rocking out at concerts and art performances to providing massive video projectors for Bill Graham Presents Co. in the Bay Area, we've been at it since the days of Disco. Our expertise has only grown with the latest technologies, like HDMI, Composite video, and R.F. signals. Join the ranks of top entertainment venues, progressive retailers, and restaurants with our distributed video formats for eye-catching signage. Experience the power of Active Menus, On-site Promotions, and more."

Designing a commercial Sound System can be a tricky task. It requires precise calculations of power and speaker requirements, and considerations for future expansions. In certain cases, multiple amplifiers may be necessary based on the size of the venue. Unfortunately, most venues suffer from poor sound quality and distribution, leading to customer discomfort. We aim to solve this issue by enhancing the audio experience and increasing customer satisfaction, especially for those waiting in lines for food or shopping in stores. Our Echo Dampening Baffles and Background Sound Cancelling products are available to further elevate the audio quality at your venue. Satisfied customers are returning customers, and we strive to deliver your themed Venue Music and In-house Message broadcasting experiences, to your customers every time. Need repairs? Let us know, we do that too! Please check out our >BMS< Background Music Page

We specify, provide and troubleshoot; Network Systems, Modems, Routers, Wireless Access Points and accessories plus provide installation. We also sell CAT5e and CAT6 cable, tools, and installation accessories and provide manuals and wiring diagrams. If you need replacement Networking equipment or System Upgrades, we can help. Trusted and experienced. Serving Small and Medium size Businesses.


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