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Create a more Pleasant Atmosphere with Background Music

Background Music 

Whether you own a café, a diner, or a retail market, a BGM System is a must-have. It not only helps to create a more pleasant atmosphere, but it also increases the amount of time customers spend in the store and encourages them to purchase more. With the right background music, you can make sure your customers have a positive experience that leaves them feeling relaxed and happy.

Bring your venue to life with the power of themed music and promotional messages! Imagine having your own private in-house media broadcasting system featuring your choice of themed music, and periodic messaging proudly announcing featured products and specials, and local ads that will turn heads and keep your customers informed of your ongoing sales, promotions, policies, events, and common courtesies. This powerful system will help you increase your venue's promotional sales potential and get ahead of the competition. Don't settle for anything less than the best - get your own private in-house media broadcasting system today!

BGM Details

The equipment required to implement background music at your venue depends on the area you consider for sound coverage. A small diner may only need one music source, one amplifier, and a few speakers. On the other hand, a department store may require several different sources, power amplifiers, and an array of speakers in multiple zones. The Music source is the programmed audio signal to be distributed over a designated broadcast zone. Ceiling speakers are standard for BMS installations, and subwoofers and custom satellite speakers are used in Hi-Fi locations, i.e., Bar Lounges, Show Rooms, Restaurants, Waiting Rooms, etc. Typical commercial audio systems use 70-volt driver signals.

You can bring popular Music to your venue with ease! Our selection of Music covers a variety of genres and styles, from Classical to Pop and everything in between. Whatever music management feels best fits your venue, we can provide it. Moreover, you can mix up the Music by having different Music themes for different seasons or even different times of day. With our selection, you can easily create a unique and enjoyable atmosphere for your customers.

Your store's customers are a captive audience, and you should take advantage of this! Play some uplifting music to create a positive atmosphere, then use announcements in-between tracks to promote your services and products and deliver common courtesies, reinforcing your brand. These announcement pauses usually last 10 to 25 seconds and can be scheduled according to your Campaign requirements. Our domestic announcements are always direct, professional, high-quality, and in good taste. We also have optional Ad-Packs available with sponsors that will not compete or up-stage your campaigns but are suitable for Business Networking partners. For maximum conversion, we recommend extending this data into your Website for External Linking.

Want to maximize your advertising reach? Take advantage of our prepackaged program of announcements for your BGM system that can help promote your local business community. With these announcements, you can advertise Business Colleagues, Special Events, Business cards, and Special mentions – all of which can be linked to your website, generating backlinks to your business. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to capitalize on your service and get the word out!

When you want top-notch sound quality and clarity of message, our high-tech recording studio is the place to turn. Our team of experts works hard to ensure that every music and speech track is leveled and optimized in separate EQ processes to create a perfect balance. In the end, you’ll get a clean, crisp sound with no distortion, very low noise, and excellent bass response. Whether you need radio ads, broadcast video voiceovers, or any other messaging job, you can trust us to deliver the best results.

Do you need help with your system? We've got you covered! Our team offers fast, reliable maintenance and troubleshooting services 24/7. We understand that time is precious, so we'll be at your door in an hour for local maintenance accounts, and you can expect a response time of less than 4 hours for general service requests. Even for rush jobs, we never exceed 12 hours. Get the care your system needs today!


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