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RDRS Remote Workstation Repair Services

Remote Workstation Servicing

Introducing the RDRS (Remote Desktop Repair Service)

Remote Desktop Repair Service (RDRS), is designed with your convenience and cost savings in mind. Say goodbye to the hassle of technical support expenses, software installations, and hardware repair outcall fees. With RDRS, we offer a comprehensive solution that covers threat management, proactive monitoring, and rapid response, utilizing an array of solutions tailored to your hardware and system environments.

Covering software problems, user authentications, approved software downloads and installs, e-mail dysfunctions, malware tracking, and general system troubleshooting. Each incident triggers an automatic report that is promptly shared with company management for record-keeping and analysis. Please read on. This is DarxMedia MSSP Service. 

RDRS Managed Maintenance Services 

Implementing the Remote Desktop Repair Service (RDRS) remote workstation troubleshooting and servicing is recommended and essential for efficient IT support and care and to ensure that your company's IT infrastructure operates efficiently. Remote support allows our IT professionals to diagnose, resolve issues, update software, and perform routine maintenance tasks without physically visiting each workstation, or any need for physical presence. Here is an outline of notes and tasks required for remote computer troubleshooting/servicing.

By assessing a specific company's needs and existing infrastructure, and determining the number of workstations, their locations, and the common issues that need to be addressed remotely, we Identify the remote troubleshooting common options, specific software, and monitoring tools required, for enhance overall critical support.

All workstations are provided with the necessary software and access settings for remote support. This includes configuring remote desktop services and remote enabling, etc. 
We implement logging and monitoring of remote sessions for security and auditing purposes. This helps track who accessed which workstation and when.

Our service includes real-time support via TEAMS chat, telephone, or meeting applications. We collaborate closely with your staff members to troubleshoot any operations affecting your devices, ensuring minimal disruptions to your daily routines and tasks.

The RDRS Service combined with the LWMS Service provides the best of both worlds when it comes to cybersecurity and safeguarding your data. Please review our document describing the LWMS active workstation Malware monitoring service.

Embrace DarxMedia's RDRS, and experience a seamless workflow that empowers you to focus on your core business activities without the constant worry of software, email, or hardware hiccups. Let us handle the technical intricacies while you stay committed to what you do best – running your business efficiently.

Subscriptions are provided on a yearly basis. Contact us.

RDRS extends its protective umbrella over a wide range of issues. We tackle software glitches, user authentication problems, software downloads and installations, email dysfunctions, malware tracking, user maintenance, and general troubleshooting. Your IT headaches become our responsibility.

Expect reduced workstation downtime, fortified network data system reliability, and robust safeguards against productivity losses. RDRS is engineered to optimize servicing costs and help streamline staff labor.


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