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LWMS Remote Workstation Monitoring Services

Workstation Security 

Introducing the "LWMS Workstation Security Services."
Monitoring a workstation, or fleet of enterprise workstations is crucial to prevent malware, unauthorized software changes, etc. Plus relying on device notifications or on your staff to report such incidents, well that's not a dependable method since most malware propagates silently until it attacks your system. 

A DarxMedia Managed Security Services (MSSP).

Companies that lack services for handling malware and hardware situations are vulnerable to serious and debilitating threats. To mitigate this risk, big companies typically hire a staff (cybersecurity officer), which can be costly and may just be too late. Or you can subscribe to DarxMedia's LWMS Cybersecurity Services, and relax.

Managed Workstation Security & Protection Services

The Live Workstation Monitoring Service (LWMS) is an MSP/MSSP, remote cybersecurity service that monitors a company's daily workstation events and malware threats. This service is necessary to prevent malware and other unauthorized changes to workstations, which can lead to security breaches. For example, suppose a company has a basic or no policy on handling malware situations. In that case, undetected malware threats may be in the works, resulting in significant domain security risks and probable harm to the company's workstations and network.

LWMS can ensure constant surveillance for malware and other actions that may generate security risk considerations on workstations that are overlooked or disregarded. The DarxMedia service generates Security Breach Report entries when malware is detected, logging malware attack details, software changes, and attempted unauthorized installs/uninstalls. In addition, the collected event information is; analyzed monthly to determine attack patterns and possible security failure situations. Our IT security team will contact the company for events requiring their attention. 

Elective workstations are remotely reviewed daily and are analyzed monthly to determine attack patterns and any other possible security failure situations. LWMS is essential for maintaining the utmost security monitoring against workstation and network malware infiltration.

As a result, you will no longer have to worry if your staff correctly handles workstation security Internet threats. Plus, you can depend on our commitment to maintaining your company systems threat-free from malware and all other possible risks. 

LWMS subscriptions implement a workstation malware monitoring dashboard that continuously analyzes and reports workstation events, downloads, and all suspicious behavior. The service records detected Security breaches, logging attack details, attempted software changes, and unauthorized installs and uninstalls. 

For serious threats, the IT security team contacts the subscriber to address the situation. The service also reviews all workstations monthly to determine attack patterns and identify any potential security failures. Featuring Managed Emsisoft™ Anti-Malware Tools for Business. Let us help keep your systems Clean and Working Efficiently, no worries.

The LWMS service covers all protected company computers, ensuring adequate workstation fleet protection in case of malware infiltration. We guarantee all threat restrictions by providing a hands-on and eyes-on situation approach. An end-of-the-year report provides year-long malware attack statistics and current cybersecurity status.

Overall, LWMS provides peace of mind for companies, ensuring they do not have to depend on staff to report workstation idiosyncrasies and to deal with high-level cybersecurity threats immediately as they manifest.
We aggressively enforce your company's cybersecurity plan 24/7. 


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