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Electronic Equipment Store

Welcome to our Catalog

From here you can find select electronic components that we recommend to our customers and use regularly in our installations. Choose from New or Recertified electronic gear. All hardware comes with the proper warranties and guarantees.

We offer the best pricing on quality electronic components and modules. We also provide documentation for equipment and provide repair services for our customers directly. Need some assistance, contact us for help selecting your gear. Get smart. 

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Electronic Replacement Parts

If you need replacement parts, you have come to the right place. We sell passive electronic components, semiconductors, replacement modules and accessories. We can research and special order any parts not in stock with either genuine or suitable compatible replacements. We support the best parts prices anywhere, and will do price matching as well, so if you need assistance, give us a call! We're glad to help.

Sound and Video Equipment

Give us your requirements and will hand you a list of qualifying system components for your project. Within our catalog you will find High-Tech Video and Professional Sound Equipment, Home Theater Components, DJ Club Stuff, DAW Recording Studio Gear, Music Electronics, passive and powered Speaker Systems, Background Music Systems, Video Editing Gear, Media Computers and more!

POS Cash Register

We offer intelligent cash registers with installation and activation. See what your business is doing more clearly through point-of-sale software. Register reports and restock lists can be a lot easier to manage as well as aesthetically pleasing for your customers. These units accept credit cards and the new chip readers. Accounting has never been easier, more accurate, failsafe or clearer. No guessing.

Computers & Data Storage

Businesses need computers. Some need many more than others. We can supply your business from one to an array of systems, let us know your requirements and we’ll return an estimate with system choices and our suggestions aimed to save you money. These systems can also come completely loaded and ready to go with software you specify. Please call, to discuss all of your essential Computing nuts and bolts.

Lighting & Effects

Our Commercial and Consumer standalone lighting products include: LED displays, Video Signage, Lighting Strips, Photography Lighting, Security Fixtures, DIY Products and many other useful items for your business or your office. We offer these products for your convenience and benefit and to provide the best pricing for our clients, available either locally or elsewhere. It's true!

Musical Instruments

We know Electric & Electronic Musical Instruments. We offer new and recertified electronic musical gear. Offering the best prices around, we can help you start your Stage collection or stock your music business projects. Contact us with requirements and questions prior to purchasing your venues music gear. Let us save you money. Also, we do special discounts. Check it out!

Modules & Circuits

We are not forgetting about our dear electronics hobbyists and out-of-the-box thinkers out there. Check out our modules and circuit boards. Covering a variety of functions and tasks, our standalone DIY electronic gadgets and circuits can provide standalone functions and technical solutions to real-world issues. Build, program and experiment with a good variety of cool and great science gadgets.

Micros, Boards & Stuff

If you get into geek stuff, well we’ve got geek stuff for you. Find Super Microcomputers, Peripheral boards, Power supplies, Color displays w/touchscreens and a lot more stuff that we haven’t mentioned. If you tinker with electronic stuff, you’re going to like these pages, so go ahead, dream to the highest level. Now you can etch out and build your ideas in silicon. Yeah!